Cavendish 4-star Hotel near London Chinatown
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Taste a true flavour of Chinese Culture at London’s Chinatown, home to a large East Asian community and restaurants to tempt anyone. Explore the Far East architecture from stone lions to contemporary art sculptures and grand Chinese doorways, all beautifully decorated with Chinese symbols such as dragons and lantern. 

For a real taste of Chinatown, spoil your palate with various choices of Chinese restaurants ranging from Cantonese cuisine to spicy Szechuan specialities, dim sum and Chinese buffet restaurants. Browse the shelves at New Loon Moon and See Woo supermarkets for unique and exotic ingredients or shop for fluffy buns at Kowloon bakery a one stop centre for Oriental delights.

 If you are travelling to Chinatown for the annual Chinese New Year celebrations, check out the key travel information for the main events.

 Closest tube station: Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus

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