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Mayfair Lounge & Grill
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Update - Mayfair Lounge & Grill Service times’

We would like to inform you of some changes to the service times of the Mayfair Lounge & Grill. Please be advised that dinner will be served in the restaurant area of Mayfair Lounge & Grill on Friday and Saturday nights only. Those joining us for dinner on Sunday to Thursday nights will be seated and served in the lounge area of the Mayfair Bar & Grill. Room service will be available daily from 6am-10pm.

This is a temporary decision we have taken to ensure we can continue offering the best service experience for all our guests and customers. Please rest assured that a dinner menu offering will still be available if you are dining in the lounge. 

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea will continue to be served in the restaurant seven days a week. 

Mayfair Lounge & Grill

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