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London on Two Wheels...

  • by Fabricio Torres

London is becoming a fantastic place for cyclists, as the number of new cyclists coming to the roads clearly shows, especially considering the imminent arrival of the much expected summer season.

Boris Bikes in London

After almost a year of the start of the Barclays Cycle Scheme, championed by city mayor Boris Johnson, London streets seem to have more and more people taking advantage of the health benefits and economy of the good old bicycle. The "Boris bikes" have completed a whooping 4 million journeys in less than a year, and the accident rate has fortunately been very low, with fewer than 100 accidents so far, and none of them resulting in fatalities.

One of the driver for the high number of journeys is that now you don't need to be a member to enjoy the scheme, since you can casually hire a bike with your credit or debit card, like a fictional Boris Johnson does in this brilliantly humorous video from Fresh Max Shirts. (below)

From my personal experience, there are very few things I enjoy more (especially in the long summer days) than getting a bike just after work and cycling along The Mall towards Buckingham Palace, or detouring along Royal Horseguards towards Parliament Square and the Big Ben. It simply is a great way to finish a working day, as well as a fantastic work out. My advice, though: keep your eyes peeled and always wear a helmet!

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