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Bird's Eye View From The Cavendish London

  • by Fabricio Torres

For those of you that haven't been to The Cavendish London (or those that have been but never noticed) we are one of the highest buildings in the prestigious area of St. James's. The current building was finished in 1966 and was at the time a trendy and contemporary hotel. Back then, our restaurant was open 24 hours and it used to welcome many celebrities like The Rolling Stones, who loved partying in the St. James's area.


The Cavendish London Views


Nowadays, standing at 130 feet, the building is one of the highest buildings in the area. And has 360 degree views of the fantastic London skyline. Some of our rooms are facing Westminster, others face the city, and others face the south west, overlooking Westminster Cathedral, Victoria and the Battersea Power Station on the distance.


The Cavendish London Views


The suites in the Penthouse are the most privileged rooms in our hotel. They are in the exclusive 15th floor. The lifts don't get there, which means that the whole floor is very private and quiet. Our Penthouse Suites have the most amazing views in the building, overlooking the London Eye, the Big Ben and the Thames, and are highly sought after for that reason. The Junior Suites, on the other hand are facing southwest and have impressive views, even if they don't overlook the traditional landmark buildings like the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Thames River.

The Cavendish London Views


We take requests from guests willing to stay on the higher floors to enjoy the impressive views, and we do all we can to grant all requests, but unfortunately, we can't guarantee the availability upon booking.


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