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The Cavendish London and London Zoo

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The Cavendish Hotel London and London Zoo! Here at The Cavendish London we are committed to being environmentally friendly, which is reflected in our kitchen's environmental sustainability score. As well as all the practices we have throughout the hotel operations in helping reducing our impact on the environment,. However, we are not only dedicated on reducing our impact, but in giving something back. As well as our carbon neutral initiatives in Brazil, we have decided to adopt animals at London Zoo.

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest members of The Cavendish Mayfair Hotel London Family.

Elish the Giraffe, Lucifer the Asian Lion, Thug the Hippo, Raja The Komodo Dragon, Jae Jae the Sumatran Tiger, Ricky the Rockhopper Penguin and Pipsqueek the Meerkat

These animals we have adopted are endangered in the wild due to climate change and global warming and there is no doubt that human activity has been a major contributor to this factor.

London Zoo work extremely hard with other organisations throughout the world to help animals that otherwise cannot help themselves. From locating the remaining population of threatened species to promoting sustainable wildlife-human relations in local communities, their projects address the variety of problems facing wildlife using a wide array of solutions.

London Zoo works to conserve not only vulnerable species, but the habitats and communities they are closely linked to. Some projects work in the same habitat type in different areas, transferring tools and knowledge between them.

As an initiative to bring awareness to the effects of climate change and global warming and to encourage not only our employees at The Cavendish London but everyone around the world to be more environmentally friendly and to think about the beautiful creatures that are also a part of this world and are entitled to the live a long life just as much as any other species on Earth.

So when the opportunity to adopt these wonderful animals arose, we didn't hesitate to get involved. Every department within the property has decided to adopt an animal at London Zoo. By doing so we are helping the survival of many endangered animals. Our donations go towards the up keep and care of the animals at the enclosure as well as supporting the captive breeding programme.

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