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The London Olympics breaks records!

  • by CavendishLondon

The London Olympics have finally come to and end after what can only be described as an outstanding and spectacular sporting event. With Olympic and world records being broken left right and centre and with many athletes beating their own personal best, The London Olympics 2012 has been an Olympic event like no other and one the entire nation should be proud of. 


There were many sceptics (myself included) about whether London was ready to stage such an event, is the travel network going to be able to cope with the millions of extra visitors and whether Danny Boyle could deliver a spectacle like no other which represents Britain and all its traditions and values? And also live up to the anticipation of the entire world. Let's just say, after the opening ceremony Danny Boyle did deliver with an array of British characters like Mr Bean (my favourite British character), Paul McCartney performing and the Queen leaping from a helicopter in what saw a 007 theme with David Beckham arriving by speed boat to handover the Olympic torch to Sir Steve Redgrave.    


Team GB had a slow start on the medal table with USA and China quickly taking 1st and 2nd place. However, things were set to change as Team GB stepped up a gear and started to claim the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in many events such as rowing, equestrian, cycling, athletics and boxing with 6 gold medals being won on ?Super Saturday? alone contributing to the final tally of 29 Gold, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze medals putting Britain in 3rd for this year's Olympics and resulting in 2012 being the most successful Olympics ever for Great Britain.   


The rest of the world had amazing results also, with Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 22 medals and the lightening fast Usain Bolt successfully defending his 100m and 200m world record; the first athlete to achieve this successfully. Bolt also helped Jamaica beat the world record in the mens' 400m relay. This was followed by the USA team setting a new world record in the womens' 400m relay where the previous record stood for an astonishing 26years.    


This London Olympics also saw some great determination and courage from athletes who deserve the cheers of encouragement they were given and the millions of hearts they won. None less deserving than Hamadou Djibo Issaka, the rower from Nigeria, who despite finishing well behind in last place after only picking up the sport 3 months earlier, dug deep and mustered the strength to finish the race with the crowd applauding and congratulating his sheer determination. This Olympics also saw the first woman Olympic athlete from Saudi Arabia. 19 year old Sarah Attar says her presence at the games could prove significant for women in Saudi Arabia despite finishing last in her 800m heat. Oscar Pistorius also known as 'Blade Runner' also made a record first by becoming the first athlete to compete in both the Olympic and Paralympic games.    


These were just some of the spectacular moments that viewers all around the world tuned in to watch. A reported 52million people worldwide sat in front of their TV?s to watch some great moments unfold. With online media channels streaming live coverage to the world and with the BBC showing all events live through the interactive player, this has truly been the first digital Olympics. 


Talks are also of the 70,000 Olympic volunteers or otherwise known as 'Games Makers'. These are the people everyone saw, on a daily basis wearing those purple tops and beige chinos. These were the people that many believe created the buzz and exciting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. They believed they were a part of something much bigger and this showed through the enthusiasm and friendliness displayed. Even though many of them did not watch a single moment of sport they helped everyone enjoy this amazing sporting event. It is all they're hard work and efforts that have led to the Chairman of the British Olympic Association considering awarding the 70,000 Games Makers BBC's Sports Personality of the Year and they definitely have my vote.    


Overall, I think I can safely say this has been a very spectacular Olympic games and the benchmark has been set for future hosting countries. The curtain has fallen on the London 2012 Olympics and work has begun on the park in preparation of the Paralympics, with only two weeks left until the games are underway where surely Team GB will be looking to set their sights high and add to the tally of medals already achieved.  


If you missed coverage of the Olympics, click here check out one of my favourite videos with some fantastic highlights. I hope you enjoyed the games and are getting ready for the Paralympics which are fast approaching.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it. 

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