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Meantime Brewing Company - An Insight

  • by CavendishLondon
We are very proud to be able to locally source food and beverages to serve to our guests, a favourite local tipple are our Meantime Beers.

We serve local Meantime Brewing Company London Lager (£4.50) and Meantime IPA (£5) so we took a brewery tour to learn more about this Greenwich based brewery.

Here is a little insight into their brewing process, products and some food matches for you to try at our hotel.

Simple brewing process in 12 steps

Milling In - crush malt into 'grist'
Mashing - Mix grist with heated water to convert starch into sugars to make mash
Lautering - separate grain from sugar liquid (wort) which is fermented to create beer
Boiling - wort is boiled to sterilise
Adding Hops - added during boiling where aromas and bitterness is released
Whirlpool - a centrifugal force to separate the hop debris from clear wort
Cooling - cooling the hot wort to prepare it for the yeast
Fermentation - add trillions of yeast cells to the cold wort to make alcohol
Maturation - what sets Meantime aside form the rest they mature for around 6 weeks - your standard lagers are matured for 3 days
Packaging - Meantime do not pasteurise their beer so no air is present when packaging
Distributing - off it goes to thirsty customers

Meantime make 10 different beers, here are some food matches for each and dishes you can try with the beers from our current menu:

London Lager - stronger flavours such as mature cheeses, hams and smoked meats, or oily fish. Try this with our starter of Cured Sheep Leg and Crispy Lamb Belly with Mint Jelly and Corn Salad (£8)
India Pale Ale - Magnificent with Indian cuisine or English cheese. Try with our Paxton and Whitfield Cheese Selection (£9.50 for one or £12.50 for two).
Chocolate Porter - beef or game stews
Friesian Pilsener - smoked cold oily fish with rye bread
London Pale Ale - bitter leaf salad, penne arabiatta, steak and kidney pie
London Porter - mature cheese, beef, lamb, oysters
London Stout - duck, cold meats, black pudding and oysters
Pilsner - mature cheese, hams and smoked meats
Raspberry Wheat Beer - goat's cheese, rich patés, anything chocolatey
Wheat Beer - soft cheese fish and shellfish

We learnt that although relatively large in size and production they are very proud of how much care and attention and time they take in producing their beers and ales. Anyone who enjoys their beers and ales are guaranteed a quality drink of something brewed locally with love - these are passionate people and we are proud to serve Meantime to you at the hotel.

Both beers are available in Petrichor, Lobby Bar, Lounge and even your room, or why not indulge in a true London experience and enjoy a London Lager while admiring the London view from our 14th floor? See you up there!
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