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The Caped Crusader Hits Live Stages in the UK

  • by Fabricio Torres

From the 24th August until the 4th of September, the O2 Arena will become the home of the "Caped Crusader". The 17 trucks needed to move the show will reach the O2 Arena to recreate the dark and gloomy Gotham City.


On this occasion, the Batman (pictured below) is joined by his somewhat intermittent partner in crime-fighting, Robin, who is, just like Bruce Wayne, an orphan looking for revenge. The storyline for the show has been created originally for the show and faithfully adapted from the DC Comics and characters, which should leave even the hardcore comic fans satisfied. Robin has been an on and off character since its birth in 1940, and has gone through a few re-incarnations; it's not surprising they call him the "Wonder Boy"!


Batman created by Jim Lee
The show's visuals will be based on Jim Lee's rendition of the super hero

The show is billed to be a "theatrical extravaganza" of acrobatic stunts, acts & illusions (see video below), and to ensure that none of the 10,000 spectators miss any of the action, the stage will include a 100 feet (30 metres) video wall designed and built in the US.

The creative team for the show is highly talented, with a number of high profile shows under their belts, which only does more to raise the expectations.

I'm personally not a huge fan of extravagant multi-million productions, but I've been surprised a few times and learned better not to judge in advance. I think that for £20 + fees (the cheapest tickets), I'll give it a go and hope to be proven wrong. As long as it's better than 2009's Ben Hur Live, I'll be happy...

Remember that The Cavendish London is not particularly near the O2 Arena, but we are very close to Green Park underground station, which has a direct connection to the venue.

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