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A week of Fun & Charity - Hospitality Action Week at The Cavendish London 16th to 22nd May 2011

  • by Fabricio Torres

We are very proud to announce that we raised £459.11 during the last Hospitality Action Week, and also, to be honest, we had a great deal of fun. It was organised mainly by our great Human Resources Team, Sarah, Karolina and Christy and it was a complete success.

The week was a lot of fun, it started with the Bake Sale on Monday (below), where members of staff brought cakes for the rest to have a taste and cooperate with whatever change could be spared. The Bake Sale was really successful and a few members of the team showed that they are not only brilliant at running a hotel and making our guests feel special, but also at baking! Aziz's (a great Hospitality Action champion) contribution (a wonderfully buttery strawberry slice) was heavenly, we are trying to convince him to make some more :)

Bake Sale at The Cavendish London

Tuesday was manicure and hand massage with Karen from Tips in The City, which the female members of the team love. Wednesday was Ice Cream Van day (below) in the back yard of our hotel, and I unfortunately missed it because I wasn't feeling well, a bad day to call in sick!

Ice Cream Vat at The Cavendish London

Thursday was Another Man's Treasure (below), where members of staff brought unused books, bric-a-brac, etc, to be resold at the staff canteen for charity.

Another Man's Treasure at The Cavendish London

On Friday, the day to relax, there was back massage day, and a great chance to be pampered for a few minutes and for a good cause!

All in all, it was a very successful week for the hotel and for Hospitality Action, the charity for which we?ve organised the event. Hospitality Action is a charitable organisation that helps people from the hospitality industry that have fallen on hard times. For more info, please visit their website on

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