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How our Area is Getting Ready for The Royal Wedding

  • by Fabricio Torres

The Royal Wedding is finally approaching, and with it, the celebration, excitement and the amazing crowds. The event is a motive of celebration for most Britons and certainly so for many foreign visitors as well. We feel the excitement in the area, and expecting the hotel to be very busy.

Piccadilly London Hotel

Just a few minutes away from The Cavendish London, in the Pall Mall, the crowds are expected to reach the 600,000 people. I've taken a short walk to Green Park this morning and could see the tents that will house the high number of visitors for the day. Along the Mall, there will be the Band of the Coldstream Guards, which is one of the oldest and most renowned military bands in the British Army, to cheer up the crowds while they wait for the ceremonial carriage. Throughout the rest of the route, there will be more than five military bands stationed.

Further away, in Regent Street, businesses, offices and residences are in the mood for the celebration and dressing up for the occasion. Regent Street is looking amazing draped in Union Jacks, showing the best icons of British style and eccentricity.


Don't worry if you don't manage to come to London for the wedding, the Royal Family have set up a Youtube channel where you can follow the event on the day (, and if you wish to join the conversation about the Royal Wedding on Twitter, just follow #rw2011.


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