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Mixing, Shaking and Stirring at The Cavendish London

  • by Fabricio Torres

Mix a central London hotel with a fantastic bar, a few bloggers, snacks and a smattering of fabulous drinks and you will get the event that took place a few weeks ago at The Cavendish London. We wanted to spread the word about what we are capable of doing at our Lobby Bar, so we decided to invite a few bloggers in the industry, and that's how the 1st Annual Bloggers' Cocktail Masterclass came to be!

Our Bar Supervisor Gabor started with an introduction on what are the main ingredients in a cocktail, how to make sure that they don't clash with each other and on finding the perfect balance (easier said than done!). Warryn meanwhile showed everyone how to correctly prepare a White Lady cocktail.

Then we moved on to a team game where each team of bloggers had to come up with a cocktail, which would be sent to the kitchen for our kitchen staff to judge!

All in all, it was a really funny evening; we had Zoe Dawes from The Quirky Traveller, Emma from the Gin Monkey and Claire from Access London, as well as Barnaby from Bloom Gin. Zoe later visited our bar for a Berry Blazer and tells the story here.

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