Twiggy - the worlds first super model

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Twiggy - the worlds first super model

Wednesday, 12 November 2014
Does her face remind you of anyone?

Do you remember her?

Her name is actually Lesley Lawson but everyone knows her as Twiggy, the first English super-model. She was born in London and became uber famous in the swinging sixties because of her thin figure, her androgynous look, and her very large eyes. She modeled in the US, in France and Japan, and was known worldwide after being put on the front covers of Vogue and The Tatler.


>Even though was pretty short for a classic model (1,67m or 5'6"), weighed only eight stones (51kg or 112lbs), and had short hair. Many criticized her at first for her boyish, yet modern, haircut and the way she was promoting an "unhealthy" body for women being so skinny. Models at the time had long hair and were a bit curvier. She was different, and people loved it!

Twiggy and the Muppets

Although she stopped her modelling career in 1970, she continued her career as an actress on television, movies and theatre.

Author: Cavendish.London