Cavendish Hotel London
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81 Jermyn Street St James’s, London SW1Y6JF
+44 (0) 20 7930 2111
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Our Vision and Values


The vision of The Cavendish London is to be 'The best 4 star hotel in London with Special People creating Special experiences'. This vision forms the primary objective of our business strategy and is therefore always top of our agenda. We understand that service excellence is vital in order to achieve our vision and continually look for ways to move The Cavendish forward and stand out from our competitors. Not only do we strive to be the best for our customers, we also want the best for everyone working for us.

At The Cavendish London we acknowledge that our employees are the 'special people creating special experiences' and as a result we strongly believe in recognising and rewarding individuals and teams who demonstrate passion and flair in their job role and deliver service excellence.

Our five SHINE values provide the framework of principles which guide us towards achieving our vision and give an insight into our working environment and the culture of the hotel. Our values are straightforward and are very much self-explanatory. They underpin our vision and give you an indication of how we do things at The Cavendish London. 

"We set our sights high and deliver great results"
"We do the right thing for our customers to show them we care"
"We're one team, pulling together"
"We're straight forward and have respect for each other"
"We care about our environment and our community"

Our working environment is friendly and we encourage people to have 'fun' at work in the belief that people who genuinely enjoy their work will have a positive impact on their colleagues as well as our guests. 

Our Departmental Managers are expected to live our values and demonstrate them when carrying out their day to day duties. We task them with inspiring, motivating and encouraging their teams to excel. The Cavendish is full of activity and this challenges our staff to be the best. We encourage every department to bring forward new ideas and initiatives.

At The Cavendish we set ourselves key goals to work towards in order to maintain and improve our standards. 2007 proved to be a great year for us. Firstly, our Kitchen and Restaurant team were awarded an AA Rosette for our Restaurant food. Then, in December 2007, the hotel was accredited with the Hospitality Assured Standard, which recognises the highest standards of service excellence within hospitality. We have enjoyed continued success year after year (please see our awards page) and one of our proudest achievements the acknowledgement by Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for in 2010.  In 2011, we increased our ranking in the list from 99th to 35th and in 2012 we remain amongst the top 50 Companies with our 3 Star accreditation. We are also very proud of the fact that since 2010 we have been the only hotel to appear in the Best Companies list. 

Our achievements in 2013 include being recognised as a Best Employer in Hospitality through (as voted for by our team members) and achieving our second AA Rosette.  We were also highly commended by Springboard in the Best Placement Provider category at their annual awards.

Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment is something we take very seriously, as demonstrated by the fact that it is one of our SHINE values. You will also see from our website that we were awarded Considerate Hotel of the Year in 2007 and we believe that this is testament to the efforts that we put into caring for our environment. As an employee we expect you to support all existing initiatives from recycling waste correctly to turning off unused equipment and any additional ideas will be considered and implemented where possible. In fact, the idea of having a value around our community and our environment was a suggestion that was made by one of our team members in recognition of the work we put into our environmentally friendly schemes and something we quickly embraced. We believe that we all have a responsibility and can work together to make a positive impact.

You will find that we have a very open and honest environment at The Cavendish. This is highlighted by the way that we take the time to communicate to our teams through departmental meetings and staff consultative meetings. These provide an opportunity for team members to put forward their ideas and opinions. We also hold a monthly update which is run by our Hotel Manager, Neil Braude. We value your opinion and listen to ways in which you think the working environment can be improved and this is why we run a Staff Survey each year using the Best Companies process. This is not just a paper exercise as each year upon completion of the survey we look at the results very closely and work on initiatives to improve upon them and improve the working environment for our team. 

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