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Wolverine premieres his claws on the red carpet

  • by CavendishLondon

Hugh Jackman is back and ready to get his claws dirty as the new Wolverine film premiered at the iconic Empire Cinema in London's Leicester Square last night just 5 minutes walk from The Cavendish London.

This latest Wolverine Saga sees Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) im modern day Japan where he has been summoned by an old friend.  He becomes caught up in a conflict which forces him to face his own fears as well as coming to terms with his own immortality. He is pushed physically and emotionally as we see the Wolverine become more vulnerable than ever which only leads him to become stronger and more powerful than we could have ever imagined.

This is a must see for any Hugh Jackman fans or X-men followers. It is set to hit the cinemas nationwide on 25th July 2013.  

X-men - Marvel Comics - Wolverine, Jean Grey, Professor Charles Xavier, Rogue, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto

10 facts you didn't know about Wolverine

1) Wolverine has a clone known as X-23. It's a girl created from Logan's DNA and is a trained assassin.

2) Wolverine is part of the new avengers and is also the leader of X-Force, a more forceful interpretation of the X-men.

3) Wolverine was once left with a normal bone structure after having his admantium skeleton absorbed by Magneto.

4) Wolverine has a son called Daken. He is Japanese and is also known as Dark Wolverine.


SHIELD - The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division 5) Wolverine's first appearance was actually in an Incredible Hulk comic book and not the X-men. He is sent by the Canadian Government after being loaned to them by S.H.I.E.L.D (The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) to assassinate The Hulk.

6) Wolverine can communicate in Japanese and was previously trained as a Samurai.

7) Many people think Sabretooth is Wolverine's brother. In fact this is not the case; they are simply enemies with a lot of hate for one another.


Venom - Villain in Spiderman 8) Wolverine made an appearance in the Spiderman franchise. Wolverine is found in the wilderness by what appears to be Spiderman. In fact it is Venom, an evil version of Spiderman.


9) In the film X3: The Last Stand, Wolverine stabbed Jean Grey to help save the world from destruction as she falls into an emotional state. However, in the comic book this seems to differ. It is in fact, Rachel Grey; Daughter of Jean Grey and Cyclops that is stabbed by Wolverine whilst she is battling with Selene.


Blade - Wesley Snipes - Eric Brooks - Marvel Comics 10) When Wolverine is prowling the streets of London late one night, he saves a child from a number of weird attackers. The child's name is Eric Brooks, who later becomes the infamous "Blade the Vampire Hunter".


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