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Top 5 Christmas Shopping Destinations in London

  • by Fabricio Torres

Have a look at our recommendations for your shopping this Christmas, compiled with the knowledgeable assistance of our Head Concierge! The walking times are approximate.

1. Fortnum & Masons - Accross the road from The Cavendish London.
Trading for more than 300 years, Fortnum & Masons is rightly considered one of the most traditional shopping destinations in London and the UK. The Christmas-inspired decoration and fabulous stock will be the delight of shoppers and even though is not cheap, you can find something for any budget. The stars of the season are the fabulous Christmas Hampers, which range from £40 to £5,000.

Harrods Store

2. Harrods - 20 minutes walking from The Cavendish London.
Harrods needs no introduction, and with its 90,000 square meters of selling space, is one of the largest department stores in London and in the UK. It has a world famous food hall (an absolute must for any foodie visiting the capital). The store was founded a few years after Fortnum & Masons, in 1824, but it is highly traditional. Their Christmas season stars are the Christmas Hampers, which start at £500 and range to the "Ultimate Hamper" which is £5,000.

Selfridges Plaque

3. Selfridge's - 17 minutes walking from The Cavendish London.
Selfridge's on Oxford Street is the flagship store of the brand, and opened relatively recently, compared to the other two, in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge. For this Christmas, they can offer the personalised help of the Gift Gurus, which can be used online and in store, simply fill in a form and you will get great suggestions. Selfridge's stocks as high luxury items as Harrods and it's currently its main competitor.

Hamleys Toy Store

4. Hamleys - 10 minutes walking from The Cavendish London.
This one is a must see for any family visiting London. Hamleys is the flagship London store of this fabulous toy store chain, which also has stores in Dublin, Amman, Glasgow, Mumbai and more. Hamleys is a tourist destination on its own, it receives around 5 million visits a year, which is more visits than the Tate Britain, British Library and St. Paul's Cathedral put together. If you bring your children in, make sure you also bring your credit card!

5. Jermyn Street - Just outside The Cavendish London!
Jermyn Street is our best kept secret, so don?t tell just anyone! On our street you will be sure to find that quirky and stylish Christmas present that will make a difference. Jermyn Street houses some of the finest clothes and shoe makers, tailors and gentlemen?s accessories in London. Besides, you can find Paxton & Whitfield, the legendary cheesemongers (destination in themselves) and 2 fabulous & traditional arcades. Jermyn Street is definitely one for the discerning Christmas shopper.


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