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An Autumnal Oasis in the City... (photolog)

  • by Fabricio Torres

Since I started riding my motorbike to work, one of the things I appreciate the most on my ride in is the chance to see Green Park from several angles, as well as the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

This morning I first realised how beautiful Green Park looks in all its autumnal splendour. The colours and the light mist in the air give it a magical atmosphere, and when you come across the first squirrel, you wonder if you are not in a Disney cartoon!

So I decided to go out for half an hour and take a few pictures of what it looks like this time of the year. The setting is ideal for a romantic stroll, a healthy jog, or a leisurely walk in the park with the family.

Green Park is only a 4 minutes' walk from The Cavendish London and can be enjoyed all year round. We have some competitive special offers to make sure you can spend a lovely Autumn / Winter break, without breaking the bank!

Hope you like the pictures! Remember that you can see larger version of them in our Facebook page.


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