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My Lords, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce "A taste of Royal-tea"

  • by Moses Solomon and Nitin Padwal

Moses (Food and Beverage Manager) and I (Nitin Padwal, Head Chef) wanted to create a special afternoon tea experience that would celebrate the impending Royal wedding of William and Kate.

We thought long and hard about what the tea should consist of and what it should be called and came up with "A taste of Royal-tea!" (With a little creative beaver's help!).

Our sandwiches could not be more traditional with both Scottish smoked salmon and cucumber finger sandwiches. I don't believe in messing with the tried and tested combinations of our heritage and these will be a great start to a fantastic tea.

Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

Our warm, light and fluffy scones will be served with our famous home-made strawberry jam, just as nature intended and will set our guests up nicely for what is to come.

For those with a sweet tooth, I have put together a blend of great staple treats and mixed them with a large dose of Royal puns. First off, the classic Victoria (as in Queen Victoria - do you see where this is going?!) sponge oozing with fresh Hampshire cream. Secondly, I have chosen to produce a customary wedding cake, such as the Royal couple may well enjoy themselves, comprising of a rich, moist fruit cake topped with (you guessed it) Royal icing. Next came a little inspiration from William himself in the shape of a glazed pear William and almond tart.

In order to ensure that Miss Middleton was not left out, I found a delicious selection of chocolates from a local chocolatier that was entitled "Katie's selection." These will round off what promises to be a tea fit for Royal-tea!!

Afternoon Tea Sweets

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Royal dilemma and hope that we may see you for a "taste of Royal-tea" at some stage in April.

Nitin Padwal setting up the Afternoon Tea

A "taste of Royal-tea" is available throughout April at The Cavendish at a price of £15.00 per person and may be booked either by telephone at 020 7930 2111 or by e-mail to

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