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The Cavendish and Action for Kids Join Forces

  • by Fabricio Torres

If you've been to The Cavendish London in the last couple of weeks, you might have been surprised by the apparition of a shiny, translucent box in our front desk, which fortunately fills up with coins much quicker than we expected!

This idea came to be as a cooperation between The Cavendish London and Action for Kids. The main driver for this positive change was our great Front Office Assistant, Aziz Adambaev, who made it possible with his commitment and hard work. He then came to tell me a bit about it and we took 15 minutes for a short interview. Aziz is a very friendly chap, with a wide smile, and is never afraid to ask the right questions.

Aziz with Lyn Prodger, from Action for Kids

His main idea was to help a London charity, and his focus was on smaller charities for two reasons, firstly, our contribution would have a bigger impact on them, and secondly, Aziz found it surprisingly difficult to be taken seriously by some larger charitable organisations, which was quite unexpected for him.

Action for Kids is a charitable organisation based in North London, which helps disabled children and young people up to 26 years old and their families to achieve independence, reach their goals, and live a fulfilling life. Over the last 3 years, Action for Kids has spent over 3 million pounds on their mobility programmes, and we are proud to be able to make a contribution to such a noble and life-changing cause.

There?s a fantastic video explaining what Action for Kids does, you can see it by clicking here.

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