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How our Lives are Shifting Online

  • by Fabricio Torres

I still remember the first time that I had access to the Internet back in 1996. It used to be a noisy and costly process, and my mum would be the first one to complain, since she wouldn't be able to make or receive any phone calls. What first caught my interest was to be able to chat (remember Comic Chat?) with people from far-flung corners in the world, especially because at the time I was living in Argentina, a far-flung corner of the world!


A typical strip of the old Comic Chat

Now, only 14 years later, chat is most passé, but the Internet is more relevant than ever, and people are doing virtually (pun intended!) everything online, myself included. With Facebook reaching 500 million users, Tripadvisor having more than 32 million unique visitors per month, and Second Life (a completely virtual world, where you can work, play and meet people virtually) having 18 million accounts, we can definitely say that the trend is going onwards & upwards.

Being a 4-Star deluxe hotel, we understand the paramount importance of customer service, and we thought that we could do a bit more to improve our presence and service online, so we decided to open new channels of communication with our current and potential clients, and that is why we decided to start our own Facebook & Twitter pages, as well as taking reservations through Skype, which proved to be quite popular for our transatlantic clients, and, since the calls are for free, they always get more chatty!

Remember that you can always contact us for comments, questions, bookings, or just a quick chat on the following ways:

See you online!

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