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Time to Find a Second Earth?

  • by Ciaran Fahy

This morning I read an article published by the WWF with the dramatic headline "Time to Find a Second Earth". This is not a happy read; it contains some alarming statistics and trends that indicate that for the last hundred years, we could have managed the Earth's Finite Resources a lot better.

TIme to find a Second Earth?

If trends continue, we will have to find a Second Earth by 2030. If this article is to be believed, my children will be in their early 20's and will need to find a second planet, because the previous generations didn't envisage what could happen, or worse, understood what was coming but didn't care about it?

We think that there is still time to change this and individuals and businesses are committing to changing behaviors and wasting fewer resources.  Earlier this year we added one Commitment to our original Values, "We care about our environment and the community." This focuses all of us  not only on reducing our   environmental impact in our work on a daily basis, but also the actions  we take to support our local community  our active  support of Considerate Hoteliers Association, Hospitality Action, Springboard UK and Green Tourism for London.

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