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The Cavendish London under the Spotlight

  • by Ciaran Fahy

Our hotel brochure was 5 years old and we needed to update our images to reflect the improvements in the hotel in recent years as result of our programme of continuous investment. Verena and Kelly, from our Sales & Marketing team have recently finished liaising with the outstanding photographer, Mike Caldwell. This was the sales team's first and longest photo-shooting session. They both agreed that the whole shoot was very hard work over a week. It involved 9-hour days of shooting, planning and coordinating, so that the shoot could be carried out smoothly and without inconveniencing the smooth working of our hotel, which was running at capacity. More than 5 people were involved each day, including a stylist.

We are very pleased with the images. They convey to our prospective clients the beautiful physical bedrooms and meeting rooms and public spaces we have to offer and the result of all the investment we have made in the hotel in the past few years.

Below you can see the first image from the shoot. This was taken at our Concierge Desk and will be the front page of our new brochure, I really hope that you like it, and that it will evoke memories of great times, and that will encourage you to come back and visit us soon!

We will be loading all the images on our website in October.

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