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Hotel Accommodation London for Olympics 2012

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London Olympics 2012

In the summer of 2012, the UK will come alive with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our four-year Cultural Olympiad will reach a climax with the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on 27 July. It starts a 60-day festival of sport and culture across the UK - the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For the first time, these two events have been planned together from the very beginning. By thinking about the needs of both Olympic and Paralympic athletes and spectators at each point in our plans, we can create the best possible Games experience for everyone.

Scale of the 2012 Games

  • 26 Olympic sports in 34 venues
  • 20 Paralympic sports in 21 venues
  • 10,500 Olympic athletes and 4,200 Paralympic athletes
  • 20,000 press and media
  • More than 9 million tickets

The ambition

London 2012's ambition is to create a Games for everyone, where everyone is invited to take part, join in and enjoy the most exciting event in the world.

London 2012 will create the most accessible and participative Games. It will touch people as it has never done before, stimulating people to do more and to try new things and reassess what we are all capable of.

London 2012 has sport at its heart and London at the centre, but it is more than London and more than sport. It is a Games for London, the UK and the rest of the world, for sport and culture, for volunteers and business.

The Olympic Park will be the focus of attention during the Games.

Up to 180,000 spectators a day will enter the Park to enjoy the Games.

The main venues - the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Velodrome and BMX Circuit, plus the Hockey, Handball and Basketball arenas - will be easily accessible through a network of footbridges and walkways.

A central unifying concourse will carry spectators and competitors over the roads, waterways and rail lines that cross the site.

The Park will be designed to ensure visitors always feel part of the Games, whether they are watching the 100 metres final, strolling along the river edge or sitting in front of one of the big screens relaying live Games action throughout the Park.

The Olympic Village built next to the Park will be home to thousands of athletes and officials, with easy access to training and competition venues.

The Olympic Park Loop Road will connect the Village to each venue, giving competitors and officials easy and quick access: 80 per cent of athletes will be able to reach their venues from the Village in fewer than 20 minutes.


Booking rooms for the Olympic Games.

The Cavendish Hotel, in common with the majority of large hotels in London was a key supporter of the Bid to host the London 2012 Olympic Games and we were delighted that the bid was successful. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to London from all over the world and showcase the wonderful hospitality London offers.

Our sales and reservations team have already received a number of enquiries from guests who have queried why we will not take bookings over this period. We have a contractual commitment with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) to supply rooms and catering services. This contract will be finalized in early 2012 and until this contract is finalized we are not in a position to quote rates or take any sales enquiries from guests directly.

Note: we do not take sales enquiries for any event more than 12 months in advance.

The sales and reservations team cannot take any enquiries for any dates in July - September 2012 until early 2012 until we understand our availability and agree our pricing for the rooms and catering facilities we have available.

The Olympic Games 27th July - 12 August 2012
The Paralympic Games 29th August - 9th September 2012
For comprehensive information on the Olympic Games including how to register for tickets to the games please visit the official website

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