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The Art of Being British 2011 (photolog)

  • by Fabricio Torres

It's that time of the year again when Summer finishes (snif, snif!) and the most stylish street party in London takes place. Of course, that is The Art of Being British on Jermyn Street, which took place on Saturday 10th September.

The Jermyn Street experts showing the art of their trade in the streets

A catwalk was set up to showcase the designs of local clothesmakers

We had a wonderful time, our head chef Nitin Padwal and his team prepared an amazing hog roast served in baps to the delight of the attendance. We set up a collection for the St. James's Church restoration, and managed to raise £1,119.87 on the day, for which we are very grateful.

We managed to raise £1,119.87 for the restoration of the St. James's Church on Jermyn Street

A recreation of a garden on Jermyn Street, just opposite The Cavendish London

Soon, the delicious aroma of the roast started to attract visitors...

Neil, Kelly and Roy from The Cavendish London, part of the team that made the hog roast possible

Music, dance and glamour from The Ritz

We would like to thank deeply all those who visited us on the day and contributed to the collection. If you managed to visit us on the day, let us know what you thought about the roast. We hope to see you soon at The Cavendish London!

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