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The Abseiling Virgins Finally Did It! (photolog)

  • by Fabricio Torres

Last Saturday was a great day in many ways, not only the weather in London was glorious, but also three members of The Cavendish London team (the self proclaimed "Abseiling Virgins" Neil, Katarina and Yulia) abseiled down the whole 35 floors of the tallest hospital building in the world, Guy's Hospital in London. Besides the abseiling team, there was a few members of the hotel supporting the brave young abseilers, and luckily, I was one of them.


By the time I got there, the abseilers were already on the rooftop, and as soon as I managed to have a clear, unobstructed, look at the whole building, I remember thinking: "These guys are deranged, it's good that they are near a hospital..." Later Yulia confessed that she had thought pretty much the same thing earlier that morning.


My self-imposed mission was to get a series of decent images for our Blog / Facebook / Twitter, etc, but from the street, you could only see a series of stick figures attached to a string bouncing against the wall of the building, so a colleague and myself decided to attempt to get to the top.


We took the lift to the 30th floor, and then we continued up through the eerily silent fire exits, hoping that the doors won't activate any alarms that would give away our presence. We finally managed to get to the top floor, where we met two of the members of our team that were about to go down and took some amazing pictures. The view from up there is unbelievable, and I'd like to share these images with you, I hope you like them.


Neil and Katarina ready for the challenge.


The Abseiling Virgins managed to raise more than £900 for Action for Kids, and are not Abseiling Virgins any more!

Hope you enjoy the pictutres.








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