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Meet Our New Local Drinks Providers...

  • by Fabricio Torres

Meantime Beers

Meantime beers are brewed in Greenwich, a district of south London. The beer only travels under 8 miles from its inception to our Lobby Bar, so the carbon footprint is greatly reduced. Meantime's philosophy is based around creating world-class beers and educating the consumer to be able to enjoy the quality and high standards they achieve, as many of the awards received can prove.

Meantime Breweries frequently invite their clients to trainings on beer quality and tasting and training is a crucial value for them, as it is at The Cavendish London.

Sipsmith Gin, Vodka & Sloegin

Sam and Fairfax are the names of the founders of this amazing small distillery based in Hammersmith, London. They started with great expectations and fulfilled most of them, up to becoming the "Best Newcomer 2010" at the Observer Food Monthly Awards.

At the heart of the distillery, tucked into a small room in Hammersmith, there is Prudence, which is the fabulous copper still that produces the small batches of this fantastic Vodka.

The Sipsmith Gin, Vodka and Sloegin that we stock at The Cavendish London travels only 5 miles from its distillery to our bar!


Bloom Gin

Bloom Gin is another recent addition to our bar, and it?s an innovative gin produced by the well established G&J Greenall Distillery. G&J Greenall make some fantastic award-winning Gin for more than 200 years. The story says that in February 1760, Thomas Dakin, a distiller, bought the premises in Warrington that later became the first G&J Greenall Distillery. However, he wasn't able to produce gin until the following year, since the production of gin on 1760 was illegal due to the shortage of grain. The scarce grain available had to be used for bread.

Bloom Gin travels around 180 miles from Warrington to our Lobby Bar. We'd love you to come for a drink and taste some of our wonderful & sustainable additions to our Lobby Bar.

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